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Film listings for Liverpool 8 20th of March 2022

Liverpool Streets and Park, 1930, made by the Saxton Family, from North West Film Archive, silent

Scenes in Liverpool city centre from the top of a moving tram - Adelphi Hotel, St. Luke's, a cinema (the Rialto Theatre). A family in Princes Park and Sefton Park.

Granby Carnival Weekend, 1974, made by Merseyside Community Relations Council Productions courtesy of Pat Harvey, silent

Liverpool Community Relations council - people prepare for the carnival - preparing banners etc. People march along the street, lots of children in fancy dress. At the carnival there is face painting and games for the children. On Handel Street, children do painting out on the street.

BBC Homeground: Living on Merseyside, 1979, from BBC Archive/NWFA, with subtitles

Toxteth is visited, where residents facing rehousing in flats have formed a housing co-operative and successfully secured a site for their new housing. Milkman Billy Floyd and other members of the campaign are interviewed.

BBC Look North, 1976, from BBC Archive/NWFA, with subtitles

Richard Duckenfield, talked to Dorothy Kuya, Liverpool Community Relations Officer and Mrs. Margaret Simey, councillor about the problems of Liverpool’s black community.

Kuumba Imani Millennium Centre, 2022, John Ramsden / Microflix

Michelle Charters, CEO of the Kuumba Imani Millennium Centre, shows Liverpool Black Sisters’ Archive and tells the story of the origins of the building.

Democracy Thru Gardening, 2019, John Ramsden / Microflix

Diane Ramsden came up with the idea of democratising spaces, using Kuumba Imani garden as an example. Through a process of decision making and collaboration, young people are learning democratic ways of work ing together in the garden space.

South Liverpool Arts Festival Launch, 1998, Michelle Peterkin-Walker / Yore Lens on L8

A small selection of clips from a range of events at the South Liverpool Arts Festival. Catalyst brought SLAF to the community. They opened up opportunities for young people to experience Arts management, administration, organisation and performance.

Maxine Brown 40yrs of Dance, 2022, Michelle Peterkin-Walker / Yore Lens on L8

Maxine Brown has been a pivotal figure in the celebration of African dance in the region and made a massive contribution to Dance in Liverpool. Her work has been far-reaching, highly influential and spans four decades.

TRACE - Travellers to the Pool, 1999, Michelle Peterkin-Walker / Yore Lens on L8

A documentary made with the young women from The Dingle & Toxteth Girls project. It was shown as part of the Liverpool Biennial TRACE exhibition in 1999. ‘TRACE was the selected theme to explore Liverpool’s rich and varied history as a port, and links to other communities and countries across the globe’.

Arrival City: L8 Rising, 2019, Niloo Sharifi, with subtitles / Arrival City

Arrival City presents a portrait of Liverpool, and especially L8, as a city of immigration. L8’s relationship with immigration is multi-layered, made up of different pasts and presents. This abundance of perspectives can be heard in the poetry, spoken word, and music of the area’s artists.

Kaos goes Pop *Neighbourhood Music Video, 2018, Staged Kaos, with subtitles

A KGP video produced by the mighty KOF, Staged Kaos’ take on a scouse classic 'neighbourhood' by Space.

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